Company Overview

   TSD Ventures, located in Speonk, New York, has been providing project management and construction consulting, among other various construction services, since 1973. The firm has earned a highly respected reputation for providing quality consulting services to achieve schedule and budget goals.

Timothy S. Dahlen Sr., the principal of the firm, brings more than 45 years of experience in project development and construction. I feel that my combined expertise provides a uniquely comprehensive understanding of the building industry and has formed the foundation of my philosophy - a team approach. Working with attorneys, contractors, and architects from "both sides of the table,” I have developed a multi-faceted perspective which enables me to approach projects with authority and understanding. 

Company Philosophy

 TSD Ventures is dedicated to providing project management services as if it were the client. TSD Ventures believes that the responsibility of the project consultant is to monitor the projects quality and drive its schedule and budget objectives. Based on years of industry experience, TSD Ventures has identified the following elements as a key to effective project management. 

the approach

The Project Team



TSD Ventures' philosophy of project consulting is a "team approach." The careful assemblage of a competent and harmonious team has been, and will continue to be, key to a project’s success. As the project Consultant, TSD Ventures:

Analyzes the project to determine the critical areas of concern.

Assembles a team that is not only competent and professional, but also one that is able to work effectively as a team.

Gives clear direction to the project so that all members understand their responsibilities and how they fit into the project.

Monitors project member interaction closely. 



· The timely flow of information among project participants is critical for effective response to issues as they arise. The volume and complexity of information demands that clear lines and methods of communication be implemented and monitored through the duration of the project. TSD Ventures ensures clear, effective, and timely communication by:

Identifying itself as the interface with the Client

Defining clearly each project member’s responsibilities

Establishing performance guidelines for project communication and information flow

Developing consistent reporting formats

Controlling Cost Management and Budget,

Monitoring the Project Schedule

Our objective is straight forward, Keep the Client aware of the status, trend, and cost implication of each issue facing the project at all times. TSD Ventures has found that the most effective overall strategy for controlling cost and maintaining budget guidelines is centered on organization and communication. TSD Ventures’ approach is based on the following tenets:

A realistic budget must be established as early as possible with the full participation of the project members.

All pricing, including labor rates and unit prices, must be negotiated aggressively.

Clear expectations for performance and schedule must be established in all contracts.

Project costs must be monitored regularly against the budget, and all project members, including the Client, must be notified promptly of any actions that affect cost.

The change order approval process must track all costs and ensure that the expenses are bonafide and not redundant. 

Schedule Adherence


 Development, maintenance, and execution of a realistic, yet aggressive project schedule, is a key component of the project consultant’s role. 

TSD Ventures works to establish reasonable expectations for the performance of project tasks within the overall schedule parameters. 

TSD Ventures assures adherence to project schedule by:

Creating a project schedule that defines task milestones and critical path relationships.

Monitoring and updating the schedule continuously, while addressing deviations, problems, and delays.

Maintaining a broad perspective in order to creatively solve individual issues within the larger project context. 

Summary of Services

 TSD Ventures' services encompass all aspects of project review, renovation/new construction planning, and implementation. TSD Ventures coordinates closely with the Client and tailors all services to meet the Client's objectives.

After meeting and discussing the parameters of an assignment, TSD Ventures assesses the Client's requirements and proposes ways in which the firm can be of assistance. The configuration of services may range from highly specific expert consultation on an as-needed basis, to the development and oversight of the entire project. All services are rendered in strict adherence to their confidential nature.